In today's digital age, reaching potential customers can be challenging. With so many products and brands vying for attention, it can be difficult to stand out and engage customers along their shopping journeys. That's where SalesDuo comes in. With their expertise in digital advertising, SalesDuo helps brands connect with audiences both on and off Amazon using Sponsored Display VCPM.

Sponsored Display VCPM is a powerful tool that allows brands to engage shoppers early in their journeys. By appearing on a variety of channels, from Amazon shopping results pages to third-party websites, Sponsored Display VCPM can help brands reach audiences where they are and introduce them to products that might fit their needs. This is particularly useful for medium-to-large-size advertisers who have the goal of increasing incremental growth.

At SalesDuo, the focus is on helping advertisers think strategically about how to engage and reach more customers. By leveraging what works in Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands and deploying those in Sponsored Display product targeting, SalesDuo can help brands create more awareness for their products and drive sales.

One of the biggest benefits of Sponsored Display VCPM is its ability to reach audiences both on and off Amazon. This means that ads appear throughout customers' journeys, from Amazon shopping results pages to Twitch to third-party websites, including desktop, mobile, and app ads as well. Additionally, ad creative is automatically generated with Sponsored Display and can be customized with a headline and logo, video, or lifestyle image, helping brands engage with customers along their shopping and entertainment journeys.

The results speak for themselves. On average, using Sponsored Display VCPM has provided advertisers with up to 200% of increased sales from new-to-brand customers.

For example, Forpro generated new-to-brand orders over 600% using strategies that included Sponsored Display VCPM. By cross-selling and upselling, Forpro was able to engage new customers and drive sales. Similarly, American Plant Exchange has seen 50% growth in sales through competitor product pages by using competitor targeting VCPM campaigns.

In conclusion, brands looking to engage with audiences at all stages of their shopping and entertainment journeys may want to consider using Sponsored Display VCPM ads. With SalesDuo's expertise and strategic thinking, brands can reach customers where they are and introduce them to products that might fit their needs. By leveraging the power of Sponsored Display VCPM, brands can drive brand awareness, consideration, and sales.

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